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Sun City Shadow Hills Continues To Flourish During Difficult Times

sun-city-shadow-hillsThere is no denying the fact that the economy is struggling and many housing markets continue to plummet.  Despite the bleak feel throughout the country, one Indio housing development seems to be doing just fine.

Del Webb’s Sun City Shadow Hills has been flourishing since the start of the year with more than 90 homes being sold.  This is a bit unheard of in today’s economy, but every day it continues to grow.  According to national home industry analyst Handley Wood Market Intelligence, this area has even been considered one of the top developments in Southern California.

All people can do is sit, wait and hope in the tough times today.  All around the country prices continue to drop and many housing markets are struggling to sell anything.  This housing development provides hope that there are good times ahead.  With the consistent sells going on in Sun City Shadow Hills, there have been more foot traffic and sales tax dollars thus assisting city services.

While it is never easy to say what creates home buyers to flock to a particular region, some credit the success of Del Webb’s Sun City Shadow Hills to the active lifestyle that is available in the community and the reputation Del Webb has built up.

Currently there are 2,600 homes in this community.  Out of the 91 homes that have been sold this year, 20 are in the newest addition to the neighborhood known as Sun City Shadow Hills Phase III.  There are some areas like Phoenix that have overbuilt and are paying the price for it.  However, it seems to have paid off for this community.

There is plenty to come for the newest addition as it is planned to have 900 homes when all completed.  Some of the active lifestyle features that will be built include a recreation center that will have an outdoor pool and a spa, and an 18-hole golf course.  These are the types of features that attract homebuyers making it easy to understand the success they have had.

All it takes is for a few homebuyers to migrate into an area and be satisfied.  In doing so, word gets around and soon there are hundreds of people looking into the area to see what it is all about.  If you are looking to retire, Sun City Shadow Hills has been mentioned in the “Where to Retire” magazine as one of the top 20 to choose from.  This is just one of the many things this area has going for it during difficult times.


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